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About the Facilitator: 


Hi I'm Radha,

As a mother of 4 nearly grown babies, I know how important it is to feel supported during your pregnancy.

My own birth journey began over 21 years ago. After a traumatic hospital birth with my first child, when pregnant with my second baby, I learned some strategies and techniques to better prepare myself for birth to implement during my labor- and that changed everything, 


After welcoming my second baby into the world in a peaceful water-birth in the comfort of my own home, supported by my husband, midwife and my incredible doulas, it was then that I knew…

ALL WOMEN deserve to receive this kind of support from their sisters during childbirth. The contrast of my two birth experiences couldn't have been more different. 

Studies have now shown that support, can be the determining factor if you have a positive birth experience or not…

And that support begins during pregnancy. 

How we view birth matters.

Birth isn't a medical condition it is a ceremony.  An initiation into motherhood.  Birth is sacred. 

When I gave myself permission to trust my own body wisdom and natural intuition on how to give birth,

I went from having painful, traumatic births to having peaceful, calm births.

I went from suffering through my labors to relaxing through my labors.

I went from enduring indescribable pain to giving birth with practically no pain at all.

That’s why I’m showing up for other mamas and offering Sacred Pregnancy Birth Workshops and my doula services here on Kaua’i. Every woman deserves this support.


The Sacred Pregnancy /Mother Circle supports woman into tapping into their own body wisdom and embracing their inner divine power to take with them into birth while also creating their village. 

As a doula I support all mamas through pregnancy, labor and postpartum to trust their bodies to do what women have been doing for generations. I offer loving, peaceful support and can help prepare mama’s/couples for natural birth.


Practice deep relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques, labor positions, and provide you with information that will guide you to make the decisions that feel right for you and your family.

I am a home birth advocate and have attended several home births, but realize labor can be completely unpredictable. Every birth is sacred. I support families throughout their birth experience no matter what that looks like. I would be so honored to serve and support you through your birth journey. 

Come join us if you are ready to explore the magic of birth. 



Sacred Birth Doula Training 2021

Mantra Meditation Training 2000

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Reiki Master Level 2 Training

Ayurvedic Oil Treatment Training 

Join me on an 6 Week Sacred Pregnancy Journey to connect with your body, your mind, your soul and your baby. 

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